Guidelines For Medallion Installation & Care

Pre-Installation Tips

All medallions should be thoroughly cleaned before installation.

They should be handled gently to prevent any pieces from breaking accidentally off. The bigger the medallion, the more carefully it should be handled before installation. All MedallionsUSA designs are delivered as a single piece and ready to install. (Note: Our Artist Cut Collection products come ungrouted with stone components mounted on a mesh.)

Techniques For Proper Medallion Positioning

There are two techniques that will help ensure your medallion is properly positioned and will “fit” within the surrounding floor.

The first technique is to mark the area where the medallion will  go and mark where the tiles around it will go. Next, cut the tiles to follow the contour of the medallion and lightly ease their edges with sand paper so none of the tiles look chipped.

The second technique is to install the surrounding floor first. Then, simply place the medallion in its permanent position and draw a contour line on the floor. Next, cut that area out and then set the medallion in place.

Making Sure Everything’s On The Level.

With either technique, it is very important to install the medallion on a level floor without any hollow spaces left under the medallion. Depending upon on how thick the surrounding floor is and/or how the surrounding tiles are being installed, you can use either a mortar bed or a “thin set” application to set your medallion.

Both techniques work fine. Both will produce professional results. But keep in mind, different installers have their favorite techniques.

Sealing The Deal.

After the medallion is set on the floor (and grouted, if your medallion is from our Artist Cut Collection), wait a few days and then seal it. Because all of our medallions are made out of natural stone, they must be sealed to protect them from staining. This also helps to add more durability to the natural stone. No traffic should be allowed on the medallion for two days after installation.

How To Make The Beauty Lasts.

A properly installed and sealed medallion will provide you with a beautiful, durable and long-lasting work of art. To help maintain your medallion’s original beauty, dust-mop it frequently and clean it with either a stone cleaner or a mild detergent. (Note: Never use vinegar, lemon juice, abrasive cleaners or solutions containing acid.) Depending on traffic, it should be resealed about every two years.

Medallions  In Motion.

For a more in-depth look at helpful medallion installation techniques, check out our MedallionsUSA installation video.

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