Art That Stands The Test Of Time
Natural Stone Medallions.

The concept of inlaying beautiful natural stone patterns into floors, paths and walls is centuries old, as the floors in a myriad of English castles and Italian public walkways will attest.

However, it has only been the last few years that natural stone medallions have found their way into residential home applications, as well as into a wider spectrum commercial and retail building uses.

MedallionsUSA products can be inlayed into hardwood, tile, porcelain, as well as natural stone floors such as marble, travertine and limestone. Today, our medallions are used to create an elegant graphic centerpiece or focal point in: 

• Foyers • Bathrooms
• Entry Ways • Kitchens
• Front Porches • Large Dining Areas
• Large Patios • Under Table Areas
• Pool Decks • Centers Of Rooms

An Eye For Quality, Craftsmanship & Value.

At MedallionsUSA, we’re very particular about the quality of every medallion we stock. In fact, we insist that only premiere quality natural stones, quarried from all over the world, are used to create our stunning Standard, Classic And Contemporary designs. Which is why you’ll typically find stones of the following caliber in our medallions:

Crema Marfil—Quarried in Spain, this marble comes beautiful shades of light cream, often with a hint of gold veins.

Noce, Classico, and Ivory Travertino—Quarried in Turkey, these are the names of three popular shades of travertines: walnut, medium cream  and cream, respectively.
Emperador Dark—Also quarried in Spain, this dark chocolate marble boasts intriguing and contrasting white veins.
Emperador Light—A lighter version of Emperador Dark.

Better still, our medallions are the creation of some of the industry’s most talented and experienced artists. Depending upon the design, many of our medallions are created here in the U.S., while others are imported from hand-picked suppliers overseas.

The end result is a superior medallion. And a superlative value.

A Product Portfolio That Will Rock Your Socks Off.

To help inspire you, and simplify your product selection effort, the MedallionsUSA Product Portfolio is organized into three basic design groups: Classic, Contemporary and Standard. Within all groups, you’ll find medallions in sizes 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch, both square and round shapes.

To view samples of a particular Medallion design style, simply click on the appropriate links above.

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